Our vision

FinStream’s founders wanted to improve the quality of financial services education with an online platform dedicated to the finance sector. With a significant gap between theory and practice, students, even those with a Masters in Finance, require additional skills to find ongoing success in the industry. This has created an ongoing problem for both recent graduates and finance employers.
Their vision was to help bridge the gap between higher education and professional banking for individuals and companies.

To achieve this vision, our founders sought to create a more innovative approach to learning, offering more interactive aspects and a focus on the most important finance aspects. They created FinStream.

What makes us different? FinStream seeks to contextualise learning to focus on the more complex parts of finance. It is practice-based and focuses on how individual proficiency boosts learning.

At FinStream, we go beyond simply explaining the rules of finance. Our team is engaged in genuine partnerships with our users. We actively listen, formulate ideas and develop solutions to provide the best learning experience and outcomes possible.

If you’re already working in the finance industry, our educational streams will let you quickly and continually expand your understanding of key foundational concepts, enabling faster learning to help you excel in this industry.

Our team

We have an accessible team of financial professionals who are committed to enhancing the learning experience. They have the knowledge and a can-do attitude to find what you need now and throughout your educational journey.

Users can request access to instructors, all of whom are either working practitioners or consultants in their specialised fields of study.

Together, our team offers:

20+ years

at major investment

10+ years

teaching masters finance

Finstream Founders

Steve MacIntosh

Steve's key areas of expertise are identifying new markets that are under serviced by current industry offerings, optimising management structures and implementing change programs. Apart from interest in providing innovative solutions within the corporate training sector Steve is a highly experienced property and facilities management industry leader with a significant global track record of achievement in large scale outsourcing solutions. He is currently Chairman of NPM and Deputy Chairman of Ikon Services. In 2010 he led an MBO of international property services firm Five D and was Chairman and CEO until the business was acquired by JLL in 2015.

James Dunning

James’s career included working with two professional services organisations and a major London stockbroker, he was a partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers for 21 years in their financial services practice. Experienced in listing entities on the ASX, equity and debt raisings, mergers and acquisitions and providing assurance services. Clients included ASX 200 entities and major local and international fund managers. He developed PwC’s internal training material for their market leading real estate assurance team. The education program provided industry knowledge and skills which facilitated career progression both within PwC and with leading real estate companies.

Steve Bannigan

Steve is an investor with interests in fintech, edutech, resources and hospitality via his investment house, Liquidity Partners. In 2013 Steve co-founded the ASX-listed diversified consumer direct lending platform, MoneyMe, which has been highly successful in providing innovative finance solutions designed specifically for the digital world. Steve strengths are in identifying sectors and opportunities where technology has not yet been optimally deployed and where business models and customer experience can be favourably changed through the deployment of thoughtful operational changes, underpinned by innovative technology.

Dr Glenn Kentwell

Glenn has worked for several global Investment banks for over 25 years as a lead quant. These include including Bankers Trust, Macquarie Bank, CitiGroup, Merrill Lynch, ANZ at a Executive Vice President and Manager Director levels. The main areas include derivative pricing, structuring, corporate risk management and regulatory risk. More recently he has been involved as a part-time lecturer at the University of Sydney, School of Business Masters of Finance program e.g. Derivative Securities, International Finance (FX) and Portfolio Theory.

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