FinStream for Partners

Could your students or staff benefit from Finstream's theory and interactive templates.

Perhaps you are an expert in a field and want to use a powerful, self-contained and cost-effective platform to deliver specialised content for your audience.

If so let us know so we can organise a trial for you.

Partner platform access

Our powerful administrative capability offers a self-contained private workspace.

There is no need to replace your current LMS for specialised content for your audience. Use our streams, create your own, or combine them.

Platform features available to Partners:

  • Easy assignment of users to the streams via csv file upload
  • White labelling of your brand
  • Define the beginning and end dates of the learning stream
  • Users can create Internal chat groups
  • Access stream frequency of use and other analytics
  • Assign or invite your experts or tutors to a stream
  • Create certified specialised short courses

In addition Partners can create their own bespoke courses:

  • Access to powerful bespoke private content creation capability
  • Interactive drag and drop tools
  • Exam creation and automatic marking for multiple choice questions
  • Simple updating of content and web publishing to a user base.
FinStream is here to bring enhanced Financial education to the finance industry.

Contact our team today to learn more about our practice-based financial education platform.

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